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28010 Madrid, Spain

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"Banks, Investment funds, Insurance companies, Real Estate Agents, financial advisors, and many other offer you their wealth management services but.........Who protects you from possible abuses or negligent management from them? Do you really know the meaning of all contract clauses signed? Are you aware of the legal, tax and financial risks you are taking? "

Banking & Finance           

Our wide experience in banking and finance allows us to successfully perform Assets and credits due diligence along with claims and litigation.


Advisory, claims, litigation, management and defense of civil liability cases, as well as recovery actions needed for our clients interests

Real Estate

Real Estate legal care through assets due diligence along with disputes and litigation.


We provide clients with necessary acting on litigation procedures upon courts.

Family Law

We have wide experience in family law on divorce, inheritance, child custody, along with measures needed to our clients wealth preservation.

Labour Law

We provide tailored labour law assistance wether high management contracts or company employees.


Corporate legal advising , due diligence oriented to financial improvement in credits and treasury


We are aware of the relevance of a proper tax planification in order to protect our clients wealth. 

White-Collar Crime

When necessary for our clients we have wide expertise on acting upon criminal courts whether personal or corporate cases.

Public Sector

We give full advice to clients on their relations with public sector.