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White-Collar Crime

We are able to provide clients, when needed to protect their interests, with full white-collar crime proficiency including: fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, money laundering and other. We naturally concentrate on the preventive advising activities. According to Spanish law legal persons for certain offenses that may be committed by its agents and / or employees provided such criminal acts are prompted by no staff have had on the "proper control".

Legal persons can avoid criminal liability derived from the crimes that can be committed by their employees by implementing a protocol or Corporate Compliance Program to exercise proper control and surveillance.

We provide full-service criminal defense, defending clients against all misdemeanor and felony criminal charges specially those regarding Tax, accounting, fraud among other corporate crimes and against the rights of workers, concealment of assets and insolvency offenses, economic crimes, crimes against the Public Estate, the National Health Service and the Public Administrations. Crime law in relation to business offences” (or white-collar crime). Crime law in relation to business offences, where the executive board of directors, the executive director or another director of a company are accused.

We advise and represent private persons as well as enterprises and their staff at the criminal prosecution for tax offences.