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José Mª Alcañiz


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Insurance Advisory.

We protect client assets and wealth by evaluating and managing the ideal insurance coverages using a combination of our experience in business, finance, law and risk management. We study all client insurance contracts whether belong to life, accidents, auto, or other along with all investment formulas he is engaged through insurance products.Weall contract clauses and risks in order to provide the client with a global picture proposing solutions to mitigate risk situations and implementing those solutions by negotiating with insurance companies.

Insurance Claims & Litigation.

We have extensive experience in the management and defense of civil liability cases, as well as recovery actions from liable insurance companies. Personal injury and claims in Spain are on a new trend on the scale of compensations. In case Insurance Company fails to pay the indemnity or it pays but on such amount the insured considers is not worth. The insured may file a lawsuit against the insurance company. Court procedures will depend upon the amount to be claimed leading to a regular court procedure, or even oral court procedure. Spanish Statute of limitations for the lawsuit is 2 years counted from event reporting date  when insurance only covered material damages (property or car insurance) , or 5 years from event reporting date, if insurance covered personal injuries (life or medical insurance). 


Revisión actuarial independiente de primas de pólizas de Seguros. 

Miguel Gutierrez Herrero, Actuario de WS Audit