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When client has suffered losses we lead claiming procedures and litigation against financial institutions in order to recover losses and also obtain appropriate indemnities for our client. Procedures includes claiming against customer service, complain to the National commission of asset market, Bank of Spain and eventually go to court. We specially focus on all incompliance issues the financial institution could have incurred regarding MIFID and other important regulations required. We have extensive experience in the management and defense of civil liability cases, as well as recovery from liable insurance companies. Personal injury and claims in Spain are on a new trend on the scale of compensations.

We have wide experience of the property market and all types of dispute resolution procedures providing legal services on Landlord and tenant matters break notice disputes, service charge claims, possession and forfeiture actions, lease renewal or business tenancy claims, rent review, Insolvency, landlord's remedies, Neighbor disputes rights to light claims, nuisance, boundary issues, restrictive covenants.

We take care of corporate disputes such as breach of contract and warranty cases, disputes over the proper construction of agreements, shareholder disputes, disputes over joint ventures, and post-mergers and acquisitions disputes. We provide counsel and legal representation in lawsuits to business enterprises.

Whether you face a divorce, child custody dispute or any family law matter, we are prepared to protect your interests.


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by Alberto Alvarez