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Juan José García


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Public Sector & Administrative Litigation

We advice companies and private clients on their relations with public sector, having huge experience on the care sector: social services and social health-care.  

We advise and assist Investors on strategy.  investment proposals and acquisitions within the sector. We carry legal defence related to their business. On investment and acquisition process, we perform accurate business valuation, real estate appraisal linked to them, regulatory changes risk analysis and exigency level already existing from administrations measuring. 

We provide institutional relations services to sector companies, on meetings, dialog and negotiation with the right administrative, political and social actors. Our analysis are performed for companies, investment funds, and financial entities, offering them services by assuming management, sales, partner research or even asset and business control in pre-insolvency or insolvency. 

On the Contentious-Administrative we carry on company defence related to Administration issues, being authorisations, business accreditation, legality defence in public tenders, administrative contracts and satisfaction to companies rights and guarantees within current legislation frame. 

In relation to Citizens, we defend their rights upon administration obligations breach related to family law rights, public healthcare, social care services portfolios, dependency and court recognition over attributed competences on public service functioning. From the legal frame analysis we promote citizen rights defence against umproperly charged fees or public prices, and against any administrative decision related to them or umproper estimation about due contributions corresponding to citizens to finance public services. 

We join, advice and assist to different subsectors to better defence their social interests due to our knowledge about legal frame force, efficiency, application, approved administrative plans and strategies, synergies and opportunities and SWOT knowledge on interests and expectations of different agents and actors. 

We provide technical training to assistance services companies, on regulatory frame, management responsibility levels, and also to train on strategies linked to find management weakness or minimize their impacts, orienting clients on Administration related SWOT and approach.  


"Las Quiebras de los Principios de Separación de Poderes y de Autonomía Territorial, Un análisis critico de la jurisprudencia constitucional".

by Dr. Juan José García Ferrer.