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José Mª Alcañiz


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Real Estate.

Real Estate Assets Due Diligence. 

We perform an accurate analysis by performing calculations, reviewing property and seller documents, procuring insurance , watching all regulatory issues , reviewing HOA documents, looking for notices of any pending or threatened litigation or governmental action relating to the property or seller , studying all present and possible future uses of the real estate. Title, survey, building inspection, zoning, financing, environmental and existing leases among other, we provide client with the necessary experts on any technical field required. 

Real Estate Disputes and Litigation.

We have wide experience of the property market and all types of dispute resolution procedures providing legal services on Landlord and tenant matters break notice disputes, service charge claims, possession and forfeiture actions, lease renewal or business tenancy claims, rent review, Insolvency, landlord's remedies, Neighbor disputes rights to light claims, nuisance, boundary issues, restrictive covenants.